We offer a comprehensive range of additives to improve your manufacturing process or add value to your finished product.


shutterstock_163965821UV Blockers

UV light is one of the main causes of product degradation.  UV light can potentially alter taste, smell, colour, appearance, viscosity and the character of the product packed in PET containers.


Ultima UV Blocker has been formulated to reduce the effects of UV and visible light transmittance to protect the packaging and its contents from degradation.


Our UV Blocker is EU food approved, can be combined with colour if needed and is used with a standard liquid colour dosing unit.


Reheat Additives

Reheat Additives have been formulated to save energy costs during the blow molding process – particularly with heavier weight preforms. Available with or without colour and used with a standard liquid colour dosing unit.


Slip Agent

Ultima Slip Agent has been formulated to reduce surface friction during the injection and blow molding processes.  Ultima Slip Agent helps to reduce preform damage, surface friction, and reject rates while improving mold release and helping to achieve lower packing densities.


Purge Additive

Ultima Purge Additive loosens and removes degraded material and colour specks from barrel walls, screw flights and pitted and cracked areas of your equipment. Using a purge additive helps improve machine efficiency and product quality and reduce machine downtime.